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It's been 3 weeks now. She is doing great! She is such a smart doggy. She is learning new commands almost everyday. I just taught her to "shake." She is becoming my daughter's best friend. They just play for ours running back and forth through our house, in and out of the rooms. But Mykah just gets giggling so hard and Paige just keeps playing with her. Its so cute, Paige will bump Mykah and Mykah will fall down, then Paige falls down next to her and rolls over on her back and will lay there till Mykah gets up. We're really happy with her! Thank you so much!
Jennifer  & Family - Los Angeles, CA

We just wanted to reach out to you and thank you again for the unbelievable puppy. We've named him Hunter, and he is awesome. From day one, he has been a great boy, and he's only gotten better since. We are currently working with him and a professional dog trainer to get the basics. The trainer primarily works with German Shepherds as police and service dogs, but has a love for Boston terriers, He was very excited to start training him. He wanted me to extend his praise of how great our little guy's temperament is. He has explained to us that temperament is bred, and not taught, and that we were very lucky to have such a great breeder. 
Here are some recent pictures of him. Thank you again, and we will always highly recommend you to our Jack Russell-loving friends and family.
Dave and Dee

"I am so impressed with [Lola’s] ability to learn new commands and within such a short time.  My wife was the one member of the family that really was skeptical about getting a dog – at this point I can’t separate the two! She is a loving member of the family who is always cheerful and ready to pour out her heart when I come home from work. Bringing Lola into our life has brought the Craven family together in such a special way – 

we love and adore our Bostons." 

Craven Family

Hi, We adopted "Cody" last year. His name is now Sarge, which he immediately took to. We wanted to let you know what a wonderful gift you allowed into our lives. He is such an outgoing boy. We nick-named him "spring butt", as he literally springs around the yard, playing with his sister, Bella and older brother, Bach. They both adore him. Life, to him, is all about play. He adores chasing the water from the hose around the yard, playing in the kiddie pool, "riding" the office chair down the hall and has lots of ball drive. He is so much fun! He's got the "old man" playing, and has helped put lots of needed muscle on his dysplastic sister. Thank you for all your hard work. We have found another very much loved member of our home! Here's a pic 

 Kathleen and Stephen - Washington D.C

I wanted to share these photos that were taken of Lucy when she was just over a year old- she's now 3! She is such a wonderful, smart dog we couldn't thank you enough for her coming into our lives. She has started agility classes this year and is a class favorite and has been doing great. Hoping to do a few trials one day. She goes to horse shows all the time, it will finally be her time to show!

 I just wanted to let you know how much she is loved!

Thank you. Missy

I just don't know how to thank you for the addition you've added to our lives. Segan and Jeff are just the best thing that could have happened to us, the help they offers our grand dad is just too much. We've had to train them at a small cost but it's totally worth it. Thanks so much, Stay blessed.

uan Lores and Family - Jacksonville, FL

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